​Raja Ampat’s archipelago:
Turquoise waters and wild nature

15D - 14N
3280 €*
  • 09 November - 23 November 2018 (4 FREE PLACES)
  • 23 January - 6 February 2019 (8 FREE PLACES)
  • 8 February - 22 February 2019 (8 FREE PLACES)
  • 15 March - 29 March 2019 (8 FREE PLACES)

Maximum capacity 8 people

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Day 1 : Welcome at Bali airport and transport to Sanur.

Night in a hotel.

Day 2 :

Today, we fly to West Papua via Makassar (Sulawesi) or Jakarta (Java). According to the flight, we spend the night in transit at the airport or in a hotel. Boarding at Sorong will be at the latest on day 3, early afternoon.

Night in transit.

Note : flights to Sorong are regularly subject to change. We do our best to get on board as early as possible.

Day 3 : Early flight to Sorong (West Papua) through Makassar (Sulawesi). Boarding the boat Cahaya Mandiri, our indonesian schooner.

Night of navigation.

Day 4 : At daybreak, we will approach Kri island. An outstanding snorkelling will open this journey. Next step, Mansuar island where we will explore the village on foot and go snorkeling at the end of the afternoon.

Night of navigation.

Day 5 : Early in the morning, trekking (3 hours) through the primal forest. We will go back up the river to reach the waterfalls of this jungle. Return on the boat at the end of the morning. SnorkelLing and visit of a Papuan village at the end of the afternoon. Evening spent with local people, a memorable time shared on the village beach, with traditional music around a fire.

Night at anchor.

Day 6 : During the morning, snorkelling among the reefs of Wai island. This is an exceptional snorkeling where we will see one more time the lush underwater life, a fauna and a flora very diversify and colourful.

Turtles and reef sharks should be part of the adventure. This an eagerly awaited snorkeling with the famous manta ray, a remarkable show that inspires elegance and plenitude.

Discovery of Arborek, a colourful atmosphere from the ends of the earth. Short sailing to Gam island.

Night at anchor.

Day 7 : Trekking (1 hour) in the forest. Naturalists, nature lovers and people curious or passionate about photography will attempt to catch a moment of intimacy proper to the bird of paradise. Its courtship ritual is known worldwide but rarely observed. This is a very special moment that we will seize thanks to our guide. Know in the region as the "Man who talked to birds", he will simulate the bird's song to lure it. We will also be on the lookout for cuscus, parrots, hornbills and more.


Later, we will hoist the sails to the Wayag archipelago.

Night of navigation.

Day 8: At the extreme West of the Raja Ampat archipelago, at the end of the Bougainville strait and just after the Equator, is located Wayag and its surrounding islands. This will be an highlight of our journey. There, wind, acid rains and sea have created a jumble of small islands absolutely breathtaking with coves, karst landscapes and dizzying cliffs. We will overlook this endemic scenery of the Papuan region from an incredible lookout.

Night at anchor.

Day 9 : Day on Wayag island : time on the beach, swimming, viewpoint, snorkelling. Sailing toward Fam island. We will cross the Equator at the start of the evening.

Night of sailing.

Day 10 :

Early morning we will come alongside the small archipelago of Penemu. Very beautiful snorkeling in a turquoise lagoon where we will try to watch some babies blacktip sharks. According to the weather, we could visit Penemu, kind of " miniature Wayag".

Next step : extreme South of the Raja Ampat and Misool island.

Night of sailing.

Day 11 : We will sail this morning on a Papuan dugout. We will land and walk to reach an incredible viewpoint. Swimming planned at the return on the boat.

Visit of a "Bugis" village (nomadic indonesian ethnic group living in the old days only on water, this population is called "sea gypsies"). Encounters with local people and discovery of fascinating scenes of life in the middle of a small society with a very distinctive lifestyle, outside of time.

Night snorkelling, new experience and sensations for a lot of people. An unusual world appears made of phosphorescent plankton. You may be lucky enough to encounter with a small and endemic animal : the Papuan epaulette shark. This a small and harmless shark living only in Papua. He is famous for being a bad swimmer and crawling to move forward.

Night at anchor.

Day 12 : This morning a short sail will lead us to Walig island, located at the south of Misool. Snorkelling among dizzying cliffs, short dinghy ride, barbecue on a dream beach, leisure and swimming.

Night at anchor.

Day 13 : Exploration of the archipelago of Wagmab and its maze of small islands. That will be our last favourite highlight of this idyllic and wonderful region.

Snorkelling then sailing and relaxation on board during the afternoon.

Night of sailing.

Day 14 : Return back to Bali via Makassar, transport to Sanur. Free time and dinner.

Night in a hotel.

Day 15 : Free day in Bali. Transport to the airport.


Price :

3 280 euros/ person*

* Price on condition

This price includes :

  • Full stay from Denpasar to Denpasar
  • Services of Indonesian crew and a French speaking guide
  • Provision of all the amenities on board
  • Full board including all non-alcoholic drinks
  • All trips organized on islands
  • Entrance ticket for th Raja Ampat national park
  • Domestic flights (Denpasar-Sorong-Denpasar)
  • Airport tax of domestic flights
  • Transportation related to the cruise
  • 2 nights at the hotel (before and after the cruise)

This price does not include :

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Tips for the crew :80 euros / traveller
  • Tips for the guide : 50 euros / traveller
  • Meals apart from the cruise
  • Excess baggage on domestic flights
  • Free day

NB - Itinerary given as an indicative basis

Due to the fact that this trip is exceptional and organized in remote areas, the itinerary can be modified if needed. Weather conditions can also make us change the planning of the cruise. However, our experience on the spot leads us to choose the best solution. Most of the time, journey goes as planned.

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