Indonesia : Expedition in a Fire Land

19D - 18N
2845 €*


Day 1: Arrival at Denpasar (Bali), pick up at the airport and transfer towards the city of Sanur.

Night at the hotel.

Day 2: Domestic flight towards the island of Alor. Boarding aboard Cahaya Mandiri. We will spend the end of the afternoon relaxing and snorkeling on one of the most beautiful cliffs of this region.

Night of navigation.

Day 3: Early morning we will be around the island of Komba. Isolated volcanic mountain emerging of the Sea of Flores, the island of Komba or Mount Batu Tara peaks is 748 meters. Today still active andExpress itself in a deafening atmosphere. Komba, punctual since years, offers an extraordinary show by releasing every 26 minutes big plumes of smoke. At night time the show turns red and flamboyant. These gentle eruptions of the caves of a half collapsed caldera are a fantastic introduction to this thematic 'volcano' journey.

Later in the morning, we will explore the coral reefs of this volcanic island. Later, cape on the island of Lembata where we cast anchor in the immense bay of Lowoleba. It is in ' Desa Lama ', a small village located at the foot of the volcano Lewotolo, that we will spend the night, at the inhabitant. A village which had welcomed the Portuguese colonies. It will be the starting point of our ascent, the Mount Lewotolo, 2423 meters.

Trekking time up to the village: 1 hour

Day 4: At night (02:00 am), we will begin the ascent of the Mount Lewotolo, a hike from three to four hours which will lead us first up to 1375 meters without great difficulty. This first peak reveals suddenly a grand volcanic panorama with cones of yellow and white smokes, white sand, black rock and a fantastic view over the Ocean. The big summit peaks at 2423 meters and offers without restraint a view on Batu Tara and LLi Ujoelwung, further in the East. A majestic scene with persistent smells of sulphur. The afternoon will be for resting and relaxation aboard the boat before going on the sea and putting cape towards the island of Flores.

Night of navigation. 
Trekking time: 6 to 8 hours (optional ascent)

Day 5: At the sunrise, we will anchor in the North of Flores, we leave the boat for 3 days. We will travel by ' biskayu ' (' wooden bus '), a local transportation. We will cross from east to west the island of Flores and reach first the " Kelimutu " volcano known for its three crater lakes, each of different color depending of their composition. Unique and steeped in history , this volcano reveals to the travelers who venture a breathtaking panorama. We will enjoy, at the top, a local specialty: a ginger coffee.

On our way back, a stroll across the landscape makes of rice fields, also the inescapable visit of Wologae, traditional village of the Country Lio and its local market of fruits and vegetables. Our day will end in a convent where we will spend the night.

Trekking time: 3 hours

Day6: In the early hours, visit of the fish market in Ende. By 'biskayu', we will take "TransFlores", the road of the most beautiful of the Sunda Islands (wild nature, waterfalls, rivers, blue shingle beaches, rice fields, traditional villages). Travelling towards Boawae, a small village of the ethnic group " Ngada ", we will stop on the road and have a picnic on a wild and virgin beach which has for peculiarity to be covered with blue pebbles.

At the end of the afternoon relaxation at the hotel in Boawae down the volcano 'Ebulobo'.

Night at the hotel.

Day 7: Molakoli, peaks at 925 meters and it will be our starting point. We will hike through a dense forest to emerge from trees on the rocky sides of the volcano. At 1785 meters, a first view on the valley of Bawae will motivate the most hardened to continue. A more moderate and then stiff slope will lead us up to 2125 meters and we will reach in the other side of the crater the big summit peaking at 2137 meters Smells of sulphur go and come with winds and a magnificent panorama will satisfied our intrepid souls. If the sky is clear, we will witness the sun rising on the Flores Sea and the volcano Inerie standing far (2 120 meters).

Resting time at the hotel before taking back the road towards Bajawa, capital of the Country Ngada. Visit of the village ' Bena '.

Night at the inhabitant in the village of ' Gurusina '. Trekking time: 8 hours

Day 8: A hike on the fertile sides of the volcano Inerie, through traditional villages, diverse plantations as bamboo, coffee, tobacco, cocoa... On arrival, we will be refreshed by a bath in the natural springs of hot waters of this luxuriant region. Picnic on the site.

In the afternoon, we will reach Riung where will wait for us our schooner.

A night of navigation

Day 9, 10, 11: We will wake up in the famous archipelago of Komodo. The next three days will be dedicated to the exploration of the submarine life of these islands which hold an exceptional biodiversity, among the richest in the planet (sharks of cliffs, manta rays, marine tortoises, intact coral reefs and multitude of tropical fishes). We will go hiking towards numerous points of view typical of that region of dragons, we will walk on beaches of pink sand and shall track these endemic inhabitants in the archipelago, the dragons of Komodo

Day 12: This morning, in North of Sumbawa, we shall approach the village of 'Wera', renowned for its shipyard of traditional construction. We will have a look on the construction of these ships completely realized in the hand and without any gabari. A stroll in the village where we will discover the lifestyle of this fishermen's community. The afternoon will be a resting time on navigation. We will follow the wild coast of the North of Sumbawa to reach the island of Lombok the following morning.

The afternoon and the night of navigation.Trekking time: 1 hour

Day 13: It is extremely northeast of Lombok that we will be this morning. Here two small atolls encircled with an immense mangroves wamp will be our ideal playground for a session of snorkeling, a morning of exploration in a protected natural environment. 
After the lunch, we will leave the boat for our first stop in Sembalum (1000 meters). We spend the night at the hotel before the ascent of the Mount Rinjani, 3726 meters.

Trekking time: 30mn

Day 14: at dawn, we will begin the ascent of the second summit of Indonesia, a trek of 3 days qualified by many as one of the most beautiful treks of the archipelago.
Accompanied with a local guide, with carriers and with a cook, the objective of our first day will be the ascent of the ' small summit ', 2600 meters.

We will bivouac on the caldera dominating the immense crater of the volcano. A first night under tents in the camp organized and managed by our local team, a 'campfire' atmosphere in the middle of nowhere and under the omnipresence of the giant.

Trekking time: 6 hours

Day 15: Departure at about 1 am in the morning for the ascent of the ' big summit '. A 360° breathtaking view at 3726 meters, at the chimney top of the world, we will witness the sun rising , a very privileged moment sitting ' between earth and sky '.Back at the camp for a breakfast. We will go down to the crater to reach the lake for a bath in the ponds of hot and sulphurous waters and a tonic bath in fresh waters .

We will bivouac this night on the banks of the lake.Trekking time: 8 hours

Day 16: Our trek will begin at 2 am in the morning to climb back up the crater before beginning the descent of the volcano and reach back the village of ' Senaru '. After a fast transfer (20mn) we will embark on ' Cahaya Mandiri ' and sail towards the famous ' Gili Islands ', Lombok.

Trekking time: 7 hours

Day 17: We will anchor at ' Gili Air ', a small paradisiacal island which has a wild and atypical character. Gili Air is the perfect place for resting and recovering. Cocktails, blue lagoons, white sand beaches, massage, snorkeling and scuba diving will be the delights and pleasures to mark the end of our journey.

Night of navigation cruising back to Bali.

Day 18: We will enter in the early hours the harbor of Serangan, Bali. Transfer towards the coastal city of Sanur. Free time till the hour of transfer towards the international airport for your return flight.


Dates :

On demand

Price* :

2 845 Euros / person

* Prices subject to conditions

This price includes:

  • The cruise aboard our boat
  • The services of an Indonesian crew, an indonesian guide and a French-speaking guide
  • All commodities on board
  • Food and beverage during the cruise including 3 meals per day, snacks, waters, sodas, coffees and teas
  • All the excursions and activities organized during the trip
  • The entrance fee of Komodo National Park
  • The internal flight(s) and the airport taxes
  • 15 Kg of luggage on domestic flight(s)
  • Transfers at the arrival and on the departure (international airport)
  • Transports during the cruise
  • Nights at the hotel before and after the cruise (night at the arrival and night before the departure)

This price does not include:

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • The personal expenses
  • The tip of the crew : 50 euros / traveler
  • The tip of the guide: 50 euros / traveler
  • The weghty surplus of luggage on domestic flights
  • The meals before and after the cruise

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