The Sunda Islands : Odyssey of Another Time

15D - 14N
2580 €*


Day 1: Arrival in Bali Airport and transfer to Sanur.

Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2: Flight to Sumba (Tambolaka), board the « Cahaya MANDIRI » our traditional vessel. Visit Waikelo market in the afternoon.

Night at anchor. Walking time time: 1h.

Day 3: We spend the day using a local bus to the discover the megalithic culture still surprisingly present in the region of Sumba. Throughout beautiful landscapes, we will visit a traditional village with ancient architecture. Picnic on a beautiful beach and we will return to the boat at the end of the day.

Night navigation. Walking time: 1h.

Day 4: In the morning we will enter the Komodo archipelago. Arriving from the south and along the east coast of Komodo we spend the morning in the clear waters of this fabulous island snorkeling in search of manta rays, turtles and colorful fish. We will then head on to Lawa Darat, where we will spend the afternoon. Snorkeling in an aquarium, we move in the middle of thousands of fishes where we can measure the extent of the marine biodiversity in the world. By late afternoon, we will climb the summit of the island to admire a beautiful sunset in a breathtaking panorama.

Night at anchor. Walking time: 1h.

Day 5: In the early morning we start with a superb snorkeling when where we will try to observe manta rays, reef sharks, turtles, surrounded by a beautiful coral garden. After breakfast, short walk to a beautiful view of Gili Lawa Laut, snorkeling and sailing to the direction of Padar Island. In the afternoon short walk (1h30) to the heights of the island ... to witness the most beautiful view of the park. Snorkeling at the end of the day.

Night at anchor. Walking time: 2h.

Day 6: Early in the morning snorkeling in Pantai Mera, certainly the most beautiful coral garden in the archipelago. Then navigation (2h) to Nusa Kode located south of the island of Rinca to see the famous "komodo dragons".

Night navigation. Walking time: 30mn.

Day 7: At daybreak we will land on the unknown island of "Mules" located south of Flores. We go for a walk (3h) onto the heights of the island where we will track wild horses in a beautiful setting. Short navigation to Flores to explore a beautiful traditional village of "Mangarai » country. Return to the boat in late afternoon.

Night navigation. Walking time: 4h.

Day 8: Early in the morning we will enter the port of Aimere in "Ngada" country. Still in south Flores, we will visit a local market in a traditional bus ... Then we will have a picnic in a traditional village before beginning the ascent of the « Inerie » volcano. This ascent will take place in two stages. For the first stage, we will climb (1h) to the traditional village of Tololela where we spend the late afternoon and we will also spend the night with the villagers (2 persons per house). Dinner in the village.

Overnight homestay. Walking time: 1h.

Day 9: Around 2am we will begin the second part of the ascent (optional, a 900 meters) climb. The arrival at the summit will be for the sunrise. For those who do not wish to climb the volcano, a walk (1h30) on the flanks of the volcano will be provided. Meeting for everyone in late morning for a spa at the junction of two natural sources of hot and cold water. Picnic and then return to the boat (1h30) by local bus. In the afternoon, we will hoist the sails to Raijua Island, located just south of the archipelago, we will need about 20 hours of navigation. During that time it is a good opportunity to spend an afternoon relaxing and recovering from the ascent as we let ourselves being carried away on the blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

Night navigation. Walking time: 7h to complete the ascent of the volcano, 1h30 to others.

Day 10: Raijua island. Stroll (3h) to explore the island whose name alone is an invitation to dream of extraordinary landscapes, picnic on a paradise beach, traditional houses, friendly people, swimming, and short sail at the end of the afternoon to the island of Savu.

Night at anchor. Walking time: 3h.

Day 11: We leave today for a cultural day by local bus on the beautiful island of Savu, crossing beautiful landscapes, we look at whatever pace the lives of its inhabitants; sugar production, making of arak (local alcohol), traditional ceremonies, dances and weaving in an atmosphere of end of the world.

Night navigation. Walking time: 1h.

Day 12: We will reach at dawn the island of Boa located a few kilometers from the island of Rote where we take a walk and do some snorkeling. After eating and a short navigation, we spend the afternoon on the island of Rote. It’s by bike this time that we will discover this beautiful island and it’s beautiful beaches. We will go to the southern tip of the island, which is also the most southern point of all Indonesia.

Late night navigation. Walking time: 2h.

Day 13: We will be at the port of Kupang (Timor) in the morning, quick city tour and flight to Bali. Transfer to the hotel.

Overnight at hotel.

Day 14: Free day in Bali with a last meal or dinner together before transfer to the airport ..


Dates :

On demand


2 580 Euros / person

(8 persons max)

* Prices subject to conditions

Price includes:

  • Domestic flight(s)
  • The trip from Denpasar to Denpasar
  • Full service from the Indonesian crew and 1 guide.
  • The disposal of all the commodities on board
  • Full pension including all non-alcoholic beverages.
  • All airport transfers and taxes on domestic flights.
Not Included:
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • The tip of the crew : 80 euros / traveler
  • The tip of the guide : between 35 euros and 50 euros / traveler

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